Welcome to Boss Mom Photography!

Boss Mom Photography LLC provides me the opportunity to share the beauty of life as I see it through my Lens.  


This exciting new business adventure was designed with the focus of giving back to the community. 


This year I made a few changes in the approach of 'giving back.'  Instead of me selecting a charity the options are now open to customers to select which charity they would like to donate to; for every purchase 25% will be donated to the charity of choice.

Michelle Merritt

In addition, after listening to my customers last year and their interest; I have expanded the store items: 


  • The store continues to include digital pictures that allow customers to download and print.  The Boss Mom Logo will be excluded in the download once payment has been processed.

  • A few of the pictures now include a 'graphic artsy' look - bringing them to a new level of fun.  


  • The store now includes 3x5 and 5x7 printed cards (picture cards that are blank inside). The cards displayed in the store are just examples; customers may select which photo to use on the cards.

If you are interested in purchasing a picture or two, please note the picture price is standard for all pictures with no additional fees/taxes.  The copy rights belong to Boss Mom Photography LLC, however, once payment is processed you will be able to download the pictures without the watermark; providing you the ability to print various sizes (i.e.,post card format up to size 16 x 20).


I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to learn about my business and for browsing around in the store.  I would enjoy hearing from you – please feel free to leave comments in the contact section. Please visit often as I will update the site with new photos and products on a regular basis.





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