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Castle Rock, Colorado, USA


Welcome to Boss Mom Photography!

Boss Mom Photography LLC provides me the opportunity to share the beauty of life as I see it through my Lens.  


This is an exciting new business adventure which was designed with the focus of giving back to our local community. 


This year I have changed things up a little.  For example, customers now have the option to select which charity (from the list) their proceeds will go to.  In addition, after listening to my customers interested in additional items in the store I now have more items for you to select from.  


Another change/addition is changing a few of my regular pictures and changing them into the graphic artsy look - taking some pictures to the next level!

Michelle Merritt

If you are interested in purchasing a picture or two, please note the picture fee is standard for all pictures with no additional fees/taxes.  The copy rights belong to Boss Mom Photography LLC, however, once payment is processed you will be able to download the pictures without the watermark; providing you the ability to print various sizes (i.e.,post card format up to size 16 x 20).

The inventory now includes greeting cards, however, if you are interested in a particular photo and would like a pack of greeting cards with that picture - please note that you can order them online; we will have them created and shipped to you.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my business and for taking the time to shop in my store. New pictures will be uploaded frequently. I would enjoy hearing from you – please feel free to leave comments in the contact section.